AHC Complex Licensors

Axens Technology

Axens provides ANOPC with the licenses for the Distillate Hydrotreating unit (DHTU) and Hydrocracker Unit (HCKU).

DHTU unit process the middle distillates from the existing CDUs and ANOPC units to produce Diesel Euro V.

HCKU unit process heavy distillates from ANOPC units to produce LPG, Naphtha and Diesel Euro V.

Axens technology has key features of process licensing, Catalyst and Absorbents and performance programs.


Axens designed for ANOPC the first two stage Hydrocracker in Egypt to maximize the Diesel recovery and produce zero fuel oil.

Bechtel Technology

Bechtel provides ANOPC with the license for the Delayed Coking (DCU).

DCU process the residual from the VDU to produce heavy distillates and coke as byproduct.

Bechtel designed ANOPC DCU according to the last updated technology with the superior safety, environmental, operational, reliability, and economic benefits over conventional delayed coking technology.

Bechtel technology has key features of proprietary process technology, proprietary enhanced coker furnace design, proprietary coke handling system, proprietary coke drum design methods and Safer coke drum structure piping layout.

Technip Benelux

TECHNIP B.V provides ANOPC with the license of the Hydrogen production unit (HPU).

HPU produces Hydrogen from natural gas, where Hydrogen is required for process units e.g DHTU & HCKU.

TECHNIP B.V has key features of proprietary Reformer design and effective integration of hydrogen generation section and recovery PSA unit for hydrogen recovery.

Siirtec Nigi SpA (SN) Technology

Siirtec Nigi provides ANOPC with the license for the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU&TGT).

SRU recovers the Sulfur from the complex off-gases before using as fuel gases to comply with the environmental regulations and produce Sulfur as byproduct.

Siirtec Nigi has key features of energy recovery, simplicity of operation and reliability and availability.