CSR Goals

Sustainable Development

( ANOPC ) deeply believes in the importance of providing social services and communicating with NGOs as an effective partner in development and their impact on public policies to deepen the concept of social solidarity  by improving the quality of life for the most needy groups at the state level in coordination with civil society institutions to unify efforts and  to mobilize the determination for decent life  especially for the villages in Upper Egypt, which include health care, medical services, and job opportunities in small and medium enterprises, in addition to other goals and services.

Within the framework of sustainable social development projects in Upper Egypt, (ANOPC) is about to join the march to develop the social services provided in the city of Assiut and develop the villages most in need, especially in Manfalut due to the company’s location, and to follow the strategy of the nearest place as a priority to provide social and developmental contributions
in the near future.

no Poverty
zero hungry
Good Health and Well-being
Quality Education
Clean Water & Sanitation
Affordable & Clean Energy
Decent Work & Economic Growth
Responsible Consumption & Production
Life on Land