ANOPC Establishes $1.9 B Refining Project

Egypt is establishing a $1.9 billion refining project that will utilize the latest refining technologies to transfer low-value Mazut into higher-value petroleum products like diesel, butane, and high-octane gasoline, according to Mohamed Badr, head of Assiut National Oil Processing Company (ANOPC), Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The project will receive 2.5 million tons of Mazut a year from Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) to produce 1.6 million tons of diesel, 402,000 tons of high-octane gasoline, 101,000 tons of butane, and 330,000 tons of sulfur.

The project will contribute to achieving self-sufficiency of petroleum products in Upper Egypt and decreasing import bills, Badr noted during a visit by Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, to the project.