Assiut Hydrocracking Complex (AHC)

Project Location

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Assiut: Manflout – Gahdam

Process Units

Hydrocracking Unit (HCKU)

HCKU is the main unit of the complex to produce Diesel Euro V, Naphtha used for gasoline pool blending and LPG.

Distillate Hydrotreating Unit (DHTU)

DHTU process the intermediate products from other units and straight run kerosene and gas oil from the existing refinery to produce Diesel Euro V.

Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)

DCU produce coke as a byproduct beside other intermediate products to maximize the net Diesel production.

Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU)

HPU produces Hydrogen required for DHTU&HCKU by processing natural gas.

Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)

SRU collects the sour streams from all complex units to be treated as per environmental regulations and recover sulfur to be byproduct.

Utilities & Balance of Plant Units


Cooling Water Unit


Potable Water Distribution Unit


Steam Generation Unit


Instrument & Plant Air Unit


Caustic Storage Unit


Natural Gas Unit


Refinery Interconnecting Unit


Water & Waste Water Treatment Units

Tank Farm & Off-Plot Units

Operational & Non-Operational Buildings

Residential Buildings