10 Information about the ANOPC Refining Complex project in Upper Egypt

The implementation of the project of the fuel oil and Natural gas production complex in Assiut is a “hydrogen fracking project for diesel” of Assiut National Petroleum Manufacturing Company (Anopc) achieves a distinct return in the field of development for the Upper Egypt region in terms of covering its needs of petroleum products and fuel supplies, which is the support of efforts and the state’s development programs on the land of Upper Egypt and most importantly. Information about this project, was as follows:

  1. The largest oil refining project to be implemented in Upper Egypt.
  2. It aims to maximize the utilization of the state’s resources by using the latest technologies for oil refining using the technology of hydrogen fracking of low-value diesel to turn it into major high-value petroleum products needed by the local market. Basically, European-standard diesel and high-octane gasoline.
  3. The percentage of the component in the contract for this project will be more than 40%.
  4. The new project is being held on the land of Asyut province.
  5. With a production capacity of 2.8 million tons per year of diesel with European specifications.
  6. In addition, NAFTA used to produce high-oxidized gasoline with an additional production capacity of 400,000 tons per year.
  7. Natural Gas with an additional production capacity of 100,000 tons per year.
  8. Coal with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year.
  9. Sulfur with a production capacity of 66, 000 tons per year, by-products.
  10. The total investment cost $2.8 billion.